Welcome to Fantastic Gymnastics Competitive Programs. We have the fastest growing competitive program in Manitoba. We are very proud of this because it reinforces our belief that you need the right coaches, philosophy, equipment, atmosphere, and programming to attract and retain athletes and their families. The decision to enter the competitive program is made in discussions with the athlete, family, and coaching staff. Our Competitive Programs are tailored to each gymnast individually and allow them to advance as their skills and confidence develop. Whether they are training and competing at the Regional, Provincial, or National level we want them to experience success and personal satisfaction from their hard work and dedication.


  • Group of 5 to 7 year olds.
  • Do not compete but show skills at Fantastic Events and trainings

Regional Stream

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Advanced Optional categories.
  • Competitions are in Winnipeg and some travel to rural Manitoba.

Provincial Stream

  • Pre-novice, Novice, Provincial levels 1 through 5 categories.
  • Competitions are in Winnipeg but can be anywhere in Canada for Invitations, Western Championships, or Nationals.

National Stream

  • All members of the competitive teams are required to have the Fantastic competitive suit. Some levels will require a team tracksuit.
  • There is a commitment for club volunteer hours and fundraising events but we believe that they should be fun, easy, and not dominate your schedules.
  • Please call, e-mail or phone to arrange an Athlete Testing and Competitive Program discussion.
At Fantastic Gymnastics, we exercise both the body & mind.